The build-up of carbon deposits reduces the efficiency, and shortens the life, of certain components. Removal of carbon prolongs the life of these components and enables them to to help your vehicle function at its most efficient. TerraClean’s unique cleaning system enables us to clean these vital components. Another way in which TerraClean improves performance and running costs.

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Regain Performance

Carbon deposits influence the performance of your engine. Removal of the deposits can improve overall vehicle performance.

Terraclean Restore Power

After approximately 1 hour of the engine being coupled to your hi tech machine I was let loose in my own vehicle to see if there was any noticeable difference, the results were staggering! There were marked improvements in throttle response, engine note, driveability, and more importantly MPG!
R.T. Forsyth

Restore MPG

Respected motoring journalist and presenter Quentin Willson reported a 14% improvement in MPG in his Sunday Mirror column.

Terraclean Reduce MPG

Had a treatment on my BMW X3 yesterday at Autoworx Motors, knutsford. My average mpg has risen to 57.3mpg….unbelievable, highly recommended.
Jane – Facebook Comment

Reduce Emissions

The unique Terraclean advanced cleaning system removes most carbon deposits from your engine, reducing your emissions.

Terraclean Reduce Emissions

Just had a full Terraclean done on my 08 Mitsubishi before I had it done the car kicked out black smoke and struggled to rev past 3250 rpm the mpg was still good. My local Terraclean dealer did an emissions test, it came back at 2.99 the limit is 3.00 so only just passed, after the clean the reading came back at 0.49 a massive improvement
Posted by – Phill

What you can expect from a Terraclean service!

Regain vehicle performance

Give immediate drive-away difference

Restore fuel economy

Save on costly repairs by prolonging component life

Smooth idle by increasing lambda efficiency

Cost effective

Did you know?

Terraclean will restore your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy by removing carbon deposits from your oxygen sensors and other engine components.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

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